What’s for Bangladesh in #CMSCOP12?

If you are a twitter user, you are already aware of this situation. Twitter app in your android mobile has a daily ritual; no matter what It will regularly update you of latest trends and highlights from fellow twitter users. Being notified I was surfing through some of the highlights this morning, and came to [...]


An Overview on ‘Crab Bank’

Morning of 26th October, 2016. 2nd day of 13th Regional Steering Committee Meeting of Mangroves for the Future (MFF). Breakfast with Dr. Chamniern Vorratnchaiphan* at Casablanca Restaurant, Cox’s Bazar. We were lightly discussing our take on sustainability and managing natural resources in developing countries, and at some point we got stuck with mud crab. What [...]

Does the future of sharks depend on sustainable fishing?

The unsustainable exploitation, both target, and bycatch, of elasmobranch fauna from our ocean has pushed about one-fourth of chondrichthyans to the brink of extinction. In the emerging crisis, several approaches ranging from the ban on fishing to trading have been employed, however, a new correspondence from Colin A. Simpfendorfer and Nicholas K. Dulvy suggests that sustainable fishing [...]