#Sawfish #Conservation #BayOfBengal #Bangladesh #EnvironmentalDNA

Hi folks! I'm so very excited, probably you can tell from all the hashtags in the title. Yes, this is exciting, at last, we have started our studies on sawfish and its conservation here in Bangladesh; in the Sundarbans mangroves and other coastal areas along the Bay of Bengal. We've been to the fields recently.  [...]

What’s for Bangladesh in CMS COP12?

If you are a twitter user, you are already aware of this situation. Twitter app in your android mobile has a daily ritual; no matter what It will regularly update you of latest trends and highlights from fellow twitter users. Being notified I was surfing through some of the highlights this morning, and came to [...]

Does the future of sharks depend on sustainable fishing?

The unsustainable exploitation, both target, and bycatch, of elasmobranch fauna from our ocean has pushed about one-fourth of chondrichthyans to the brink of extinction. In the emerging crisis, several approaches ranging from the ban on fishing to trading have been employed, however, a new correspondence from Colin A. Simpfendorfer and Nicholas K. Dulvy suggests that sustainable fishing [...]